Delivering smiles to people of bangalore since 2016

We kick stared with an aim to deliver fresh meat to households of the busy city we were able to serve thousands of happy customers over the years.

With positive reviews and appreciations which fuelled our journey so far we are looking for all the available ways to serve our loving cutomers with the best of services.


An average day, if you want home-cooked non-veg food

A sunny day that will sweat you followed by hours in the hectic day which eventually takes you into a noisy and dirty market, this has been an average day for you if you want some home-cooked non-veg food. But the technology has improved to a greater extent and this is powerful enough to make you life easy and we at Meet the Meat knows it very well.

What is on our shelves?

As the name suggests we have in house products that will cater all your meat needs. We have variety of options in poultry meat, seafood, eggs and lamb and goat meat. Choose the product and quantity you need and we deliver it fresh to your doorsteps.

Technology has improved to a greater extent. We know it very well

Meet the Meat act as a one shop stop for all your chicken, fish or meat needs without needing to go through any of the city hazzle you hate. We make it convenient for our users and deliver them with the best quality meat within the time they want it.

No compromise on the quality


We see a lack of quality as a serious offence and the worst way to serve the customers. So we are always working closely with all the delivery to ensure zero quality issues. All orders are given greater importance and our team is keen in ensuring no product with lower quality is delivered to the customers. To ensure this close monitoring and checkings are carried out on each stage from supply to deliver. Hygiene and quality are given the utmost importance amongst our team so never again worry about the quality or neatness of the product delivered to you.


We never test your patience

The one another thing Mett the Meat is never ready to do is to check the customer's patience. Understanding the hassle of traffics in the city we have kept the maximum delivery time to 120 minutes doesn’t matter where in the city you are. However, our team always ensure to deliver the products to you as fast as we can and will never keep you waiting for prolonged hours.


No more holes in your pocket

Reasonable cost is one of the specialities we have in offer for you. Our prices are always kept low as possible according to the current market standards. So never worry about our bills burning a hole in your pocket.


No hassles, only clicks

We are just a few clicks away in reaching to you and what you avoid is all the hassles you have to go through to buy the products from the market. We make it convenient, reasonable and healthy for all of our customers