Optimistic Hero - The Fisherman



It was about 2 am in the morning, could hear the sound of sea waves slowly crashing and swelling the seashores surrounded with that calming and soothing ocean sounds which could make anyone go to sleep in peace. At that time, he woke up embracing the peaceful soothing sound for a few mins, he felt the temperature around which was near to about freezing cold, and started to get ready accordingly. He was all set to go on his work while he walked to the sea where he managed to pull his boat off from the seashore steadily and pushed into the ocean swiftly. Took a deep breath and exhaled out with all the optimistic views in his mind and soul, he embarked on his boat with all the essentials and began his journey towards fishing. Entering the rocky area of the sea, before to it,  he had traveled all the way of the muddy area, he tracks the spots of fishes and slowly drops his net into the sea analyzing the area meticulously which is free from the rocks, he wavers around for some time, he pulls back his net gently to see only one or two fishes in his net, repeats the same several times and fetch barely any fishes, still by not giving up and not losing his faith he sways his boat, bobbing around in the middle of the sea he drops his net again a few more times and accumulates a heap of fishes, fetching over a medium-haul each time. With this collection he bids goodbye and devotionally thank the sea for the day and take off. Spending closely about 5 to 6 hours of time in the oceans, he starts segregating the fishes as soon as he arrives at the shore.


There he meets and handovers those freshly caught fishes to a team, this team hygienically places all the collected fishes into their cold chain transport vehicle and get started to head towards Bangalore. The Vehicle reaches its processing unit where these fishes undergo a quality check; passed fishes undergo cleaning and slaughtering process. The final cut packed packages arrive at the hub and from there this team delivers it to your doorsteps. 


And this team is none other than Meet the Meet team.


This is the story of the process and the optimistic The Fisherman behind the delicious seafood that is delivered onto your table.


Come lets a pay small tribute to these real heroes.


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