Insight on health benefits of few seafood products - Seer fish, White & Black Pomfret fishes, Prawns, Sardines and Mackerals.


There are a plethora of health benefits when it comes to seafood since they are high in vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of seafood products actually aids in keeping your physical wellbeing fit and fine. Here we have listed selected few fishes viz Seer fish, White & Black Pomfret fishes, Prawns, Sardines and Mackerals.


Below are the few benefits.

Apt for weight watchers

Most of the sea products are embodied with lofty amounts of rich protein and generally low in total fat and saturated fat. The existence of high-level proteins that is inclusive of all the essential amino acids which are a prerequisite for human health, will prevent overeating by keeping you within your calorie limitations for the day while also the protein being easily digestible support weight loss. Thus this is the best choice for all those health enthusiasts who are weight watchers yet being fit and fine. 




Protein content

Seer Fish


Pomfret Fishes

18 g

Sardine Fish

18.84 g

Mackeral Fish

18.5 g


25 g





Fat & Omega-3 benefit

Fat is also required for human health but it is important as well as imperative to ponder about the total amount of fat and the form of fat that is comprised of the food we have. It is always recommended by Health Dieticians to reduce the amount of saturated fat content and increase unsaturated amounts of fat. As a blessing in Disguise Seafood is comprised of unsaturated fat in more quantity and also consists of a special polyunsaturated fat called omega 3 fatty acids. 


When seafood is consumed in regular and optimum level, omega 3 fatty acids act amazing. It plays a major role in reducing the risk of heart diseases and aids in many other health benefits.


The omega-3 present in Seer fish oil is powerful for some inflammatory especially in acute bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Regular intake of omega-3 fats found in fishes like sardines is good for the heart because it helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, thereby preventing stroke and atherosclerosis. Research has shown that in fishes such as Pomfret will decrease tumor growth. Omega-3-rich mackeral fishes are the best food for your eyes. Eating prawns as well will aid you with all these benefits due to its presence of omega 3. Sardines, Pomfret and Mackeral fishes are abundant source of omega- 3 fatty acids.



Omega 3 content

Seer Fish

423 mg

Pomfret Fish

1230 mg

Sardine Fish

1480 mg

Mackeral Fish

2670 mg


295 mg



Magical source of Vitamins and Minerals

Seafood are mostly rich source of B Vitamins and also are a considerable source of other vital vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin D few fishes are even comprised of other vitamins. Also comprises of other minerals such as selenium, iodine, zinc, calcium, copper, potassium, and sodium minerals. 


B- Vitamins aid in the healthy development of the nervous system while Vitamin A presence is known for healthy vision and healthy skin and Vitamin D presence for bone growth and development. Other minerals such as iodine is good for thyroid glands, selenium provides those enzymes that are able to prevent cancer and also contribute in keeping the lings stronger and prevent from diseases like asthma, calcium helps in strengthening the bones and copper present in traces also aids along with calcium to strengthen the bones, zinc aids in modulating the immune system whereas Potassium and Sodium are absolutely imperative to the human body that are electrolytes needed for normal body function and help to maintain fluid and blood volume in the body.



Vitamin B



Seer Fish

3.54 mg

1031.5 mg

589.9 mg

Pomfret Fish

0.3 mg

160 mg

370 mg

Sardine Fish

15.7 mg

2.1 mg

1.1 mg

Mackeral Fish

12 mcg

4450 mg

520 mg


0.6 mcg

350 mg

259 mg




General benefits of Sea food in brief

  • They reduce the risk of Cardio vascular diseases, heart arrhythmias and Alzheimer’s diseases.

  • Protect against heart attacks and sudden death.

  • Decreases blood triglyceride levels and increases blood circulation 

  • Help build muscle mass and tissues

  • Contribute nerve development and retina protection

  • Neurological Development


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